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Our import directly from the field, Ninety Plus: You will go on an unexpected journey with Juliette and others worthy of this class...

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coffee lovers... the place for those who find the content cool (!), not the image...

  • Affordable but absolutely delicious

    We are happy to offer the highest quality coffees in the world, but we are proud to be able to share the most affordable coffees of our country with the difference of qualified roasts.

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  • Get training from industry determinants

    Learn about the business from its source with internationally valid certification programs given by Ömer Aydın, the trainer approved by SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).

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  • 10 years experience in your package

    Only Ömer Aydın, Turkey's first SCA certified roaster, roasts your coffee.

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  • Coffee now and now: Floating Coffee®

    The new product we launched in 2021: With Floating Coffee®, you can brew coffee instantly without using any equipment.

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