Core of the Day

Turkish Coffee - 25₺

Respect for ancestors...

Black Coffee - 37₺

v60, pour-over, espresso, americano, just coffee...

Milks - 42₺

Cappuccino, caffé latte, cortado, flat white and more.

Cold - 55₺

- Legend of cold brew sparkling: Nitro Brew®

- Nitro Brew® + Milk

- Nitro Brew® + Milk + Syrup (Caramel, Irish Cream, White Chocolate)


Custom Cores

Kenya Rekika EU - 45₺

You'll find a good Kenyan signature in this coffee, our Sucafina import, as well as balanced acidity, which is rarely found in Kenya.

Panama Geisha Mi Finquita Washed (15G Demleme) - 250₺

We have been waiting for this coffee from Sucafina Specialty for a long time. The crispy acidity is accompanied by blueberry and milk chocolate. A great example of a good Kenya...

Panama Ninety Plus: Juliette - 130₺ (discounted)

Are you ready to taste one of the most special beans with sweet notes from the world's most famous coffee field?

CoffeeNutz Kahve Atölyesi'nde siz de etkinllik ve SCA sertifikasyon eğitimlerine katılabilirsiniz

Let's make our voice heard

If you like CoffeeNutz® coffees, one of Turkey's first qualified coffee brands, and you want to contribute to our efforts to spread good coffee in Turkey, just share us with your friends...

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Seedless Drinks

Premium Tea: Earl Gray / Black Magic - 35₺ (2 Servings)

Dear Halil and his wife (Asia Chai Art) have been introducing us and Turkey to the mysterious and rich world of tea since 2012. To freshen up, you can choose the pure Earl Gray or the one with a bergamot blend (Black Magic) with its familiar scents.

Nitelikli Çay: Asia Chai Art Roobios Vanilya Çayı (1 Sürahi) - 120₺

Müthiş kokularıyla bu halis muhlis roobios vanilya sizi büyüleyecek.

Soda - 20₺

Water - 10₺


from the oven

Chia Pudding / Cocoa - 70₺ (Karataş Branch only)

With the formula we presented at the beach in the summer of 2018; Chia seeds soaked in coconut milk, maple syrup, pure cocoa and chocolate chips...

Chia Pudding / Peach - 75₺ (in season only, Karataş Branch)

With the formula we presented at the beach in the summer of 2018; Chia seeds soaked in coconut milk, maple syrup and fresh peaches...