Bir Ufak Nefes...

One Little Breath...

Pandemic, war etc. difficult conditions such as those that will bring humanity together; It can be thought that it provides positive results such as “increasing unity awareness”.

Some; He is of the opinion that "in the great world wars or at the end of humanity, humanity is more interlocked and the good aspects of people emerge after, unlike what happened during the war." This is probably true, but we should ask:

Will we stick together only for phases where world wars, pandemics and climate crises threaten to destroy us?

During these periods; Does our awareness performance increase as a result of our “awareness” being slapped after being slapped, and is it continuous?

Continuity does not seem to be achieved, moreover, I am not even sure that this transformation is real awareness. Although sometimes the fun of holding the stick (masculine illusion:)) cannot be denied, and the stick is constantly shown (feminine illusion in a masculine dream:)) is mostly comforting, isn't this just a beginner's performance for humanity?

Could it be:

Can't we stick together for creative work, for eco-friendly decisions that should have already come out, for technology to be used for the benefit of humanity, for other things than dropping a bomb on the top of an arcade (we're all part of this game)?

Should we wait for a revolution to reset our paradigms?

Should there be “once-in-a-century” leaders, whom we later iconized and shortened their expiration date?

Aren't we bored with this scenario anymore?

Shall we say, "If this is the order, I'll hold the stick in my hand, friend" or will we answer cynically, "If humanity can't do these things, we're not worth it"?

If we can imagine it, it is certain that it will happen, like all other (yes, everything that hasn't happened) possibilities. The answer to when it will happen only appeals to the ears of those who are patient and believe in reincarnation. Others can go back to their dark literature until then :))) 

I remember a time when I was riding a bike, the wind was licking my hair, with a light and unreasonable smile, I was waving around and saying, "Well, we're all mortal after all, take a break from eating life with these very childish ambitions". Nowadays, I don't have 'self-confidence', which is uncertain about whatever reality is. This is disturbing me. I miss that unpretentiousness, ignorance and sweet acceptance so much. Has he ever been? Did it happen in this life of mine - I'm no longer sure about that either.

I don't know if there is reincarnation, if it already exists or not, I'm getting old, the pandemic has lasted more than a year now and I wanted to blow it out of this spaceship...

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