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Cafec Abaca Filter Paper

Cafec Abaca Filter Paper

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About product

Our new Japanese - An alternative to the classic v60 02 filters - Cafec's ABACA (Manila Fiber) model has a fiber and design that is more environmentally friendly, provides significantly faster flow and reduces channeling / clogging.

In addition to its contribution to our coffees, ABACA's production with environmentally sensitive methods in the pulp used and its FSC certificate take ABACA one step forward.

This filter paper is the official product of the JHDC (Japan Brewing Championship) and is rated very well in the brewing field of “high-quality coffee with good acidity”.

About the FSC Phrase

The story of the FSC - Forest Stewardship Council® started after the 1992 UN Earth Summit discussed global warming and suggested that the main reason for this was fossil fuels, deforestation and the greenhouse gas effect, in short, industrialization.

Although these may seem like ordinary rhetoric to us at the moment, they started their activities in 1992 as a non-governmental organization in order to certify the measures to eliminate the consequences of climate change, the impact of which we all only feel at the moment.

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