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There Is A Letter From Samoa

“When will you open the second shop?”, “You didn't need the investments you made in this area, if only you had done this”, “You should announce yourself more”

None of these comments are new, in fact, they just sound like a kind of purr to my ears, and unfortunately they create that rusty feeling that hasn't changed since the first day.

This is because I feel that I am not really understood. Well, I don't stay long in that conversation / place / person... Let's say it changes according to my proximity.

The moment I decided to start my own business as a Papalagi*, I actually started to feel like a king. Of course a Papalagi King! If you ask what papalagi is, it's like you or me, so it's not that different from each other. In fact, let's just say he doesn't realize it. He thinks that he will realize it when he improves himself, but he cannot realize that this is a game because he is always guided by reaching the goal, and that's it... I'll leave that for another article, or better buy the mentioned book and read it, maybe this time huh? ;)

As for the sense of kingdom, it is not a king who commands and slurs from his seat, but a well-deserved king, like Conan, who took over his own kingdom after an endless adventure. Although this situation is slave vs. Even though the master winks at the first in his morals, I haven't touched this feeling much. Well, after all, I was in a position to raise my head and say, "Wait, I had something to say, but" for long enough. I said that the child should feel a little better, let him say you are my king, but the indescribable weight of still being a different player of the same game always looked sideways.

No, this is not an article that should change the world, it should change itself a little, yes, it should change itself...

If we go back to the beginning, that is, when I decided on my new job; quite simply, for humanitarian reasons; It was about being busy with what he loved. Anyway, the other way was so boring that I thought I'd better spend the other half of my life like this, I plunged into sweeping the spigot with a tie. We roasted coffee, we did different things, of course, but then I looked, it's always the same. If there is no power, money, title, and everyone was talking about each other, saying something like that, all kinds of plaza entertainment were laid out in front of me one by one. Alas, I can't say I panicked because everything is the same because I used to turn my head, and now I do. So where did this article come from? If I am satisfied with everything, what am I describing in vain, if there is nothing new, then why out of the blue? This; probably a reaction to the narrowing of the spaces in which to express myself. While I used to be a project manager, IT supervisor, or a hepato-white-collar now; I am a company owner, a roaster, a cafe operator, a retailer, a trainer, an entrepreneur. Yes the new one looks richer but is it really? Are these the things that define me, complete me? Besides, I have my hobbies and am I being commanded to be just that, if not by dictators? How they call you is important, and sometimes it's even better if they can't find the words to call you. So he must be so confused that the status quo should stutter just when he's going to call you, be dissatisfied with what he said, think again, and perhaps best say "it's useless". It's more or less the same thing as when he says, "incredible genius across borders that sets the rules" where he's stuck. The first one leaves you more free, and the second one has already taken you in his arms and started to love you because you are actually involved in the game.

I thought the pressure on all of us could be read like this, I wish I didn't think too much, but this is a Papalagia disease - those who know will know. This pressure comes from their naming your name. Initiation ceremonies are sickening but persuasive and lengthy. The thing to do seems simple at first, you say, "I'll put my name in, it'll be over", but when it's clear from the first day that they're going to get bullied and there's no other tribe to engage in, you start off so we can manage a bit. Then begins that long and endless initiation ceremony. If you try to resist, the swamp will pull you to the bottom, and it's certainly best to start noticing instead, but that's when the fog clears and beautiful gardens reveal themselves. Only then will you look ahead, enjoy the beautiful day, boast that you are human, and be filled with joy.

What am I doing now; I spend my time with my loved ones, taste the coffee that I will enjoy drinking the most, and roast it accordingly. I try to share what I have learned more and more widely. It can be said that I try very hard to convey the joy I get, but I am also more interested in my guitar, I started to compose again and I have no doubt that the relationship between good nutrition and taste is a very basic guide. The food is not only similar in itself (eg coffee with cherry juice acidity and chocolate notes), but also reminds of colors and sounds. For example, I would like to share the coffee tasting notes as burgundy and jazzy, and sometimes even go ahead and say that a dry peavey gain is obtained. Of course, it remains hidden from me because it will be too subjective, but these details color my day. As DIY entertainment evolves into merchant production, there is bound to be a risk of imbalance, but it is not unavoidable. Anything to share with love and for oneself, without panic, is a savior. It is not unpleasant to live by embracing and taking responsibility for being a curious Papalagi. If you can name your own, of course…

* Papalagi: The name given to white men by Samoans in Erich Scheuermann's book “The Man Who Pierced the Sky”.

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