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We collect personal and general information on our site regarding Links to Other Sites, Advertising Posts, Choice and Control, Privacy Policy Regarding Children, Updates Regarding Privacy Policy.
Personal information is information such as name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. of individuals: For the purpose of individuals registering on our site, sending their name and address information and informing them of their desire to receive news from us, participating in contests and games, we knowingly and We provide them with voluntary access and collect their personal information. You do not need to send this information to us or register to browse our site and access the content of our site.
Aggregate information is how many consumers visit the site, which pages they access, what information they download to their computer, the type of web browser and operating system they use, the name of the Internet Service Provider they use, etc. related to such information. When you browse our site, we automatically collect this information and combine it with the information we receive from all other visitors. By collecting this information, we learn how best to tailor our website to our visitors.
By using our website, you accept the privacy terms of our site, declare that you agree with the confidentiality terms and authorize us to use this information in accordance with the terms of the Privacy policy.
How is Information Collected?
As we mentioned above, your personal information is collected within your knowledge when you register on our site. We collect information necessary to enable you to participate in promotions, to fulfill our obligations to you, and to respond to you when you email us.
We also collect general and non-personal information on an ongoing basis when you open our website. This information is collected through 'cookie' technology or 'Web Beacons' as described below.
We use 'cookie' (cookie/information blocks) technology on our website. Cookies are pieces of information that the website transmits on the individual's computer for the purpose of keeping records. When you open our website, we may place a 'cookie' on your computer. Thus, your online experience will be improved by enabling you to save your preferences while visiting the site. Cookies do not collect any personal information about you, do not transmit any personal information for us to contact you, nor do they transmit any information from your computer. We use cookies to identify the sections of our site that interest you the most and to offer you more of them on our page.
Temporary cookies are used to determine how many times you visit our site and are deleted when you exit your web browser. If it is a permanent cookie, it is saved on your computer via your web browser. When you enter the page, it is used to let you know whether you have visited the site before or not.
The 'help' section of the toolbar in most web browsers explains how to protect your web browser from new cookies, how to have your web browser alert you when a new cookie is encountered, or how to block all cookies. Remember that cookies allow you to take advantage of the latest features on's website, so you should keep cookies turned on.
Web Beacons
Web Beacons are Internet tools that help us understand whether a page has been visited. When you ask us to send you information about a promotion, we may use web beacons to see how many of the emails we send have been opened. Electronic images and banners, which are generally seen as part of the web page, act as web beacons.
Third party ad networks that advertise on any website may use cookies (cookies) and/or web beacons (web beacons) in their advertisements. has no control over these cookies and/or web beacons of third parties. In addition, may use cookies and/or web beacons when advertising on other companies' websites. All information collected in this way is governed by this Privacy Policy.
Contests, Surveys and Surveys
Sometimes on our site, there may be promotions about the campaigns we run. In some cases, may be allowed to enter the promotion electronically. In such a case, we will use the information provided by you to run the promotional campaign (for example, to contact you if you are the winner). Your personal information will be deleted from our database if, within a reasonable period of time after the end of the promotion, you have not given your consent for us to retain the information and contact you again.
Occasionally, we may ask visitors to our site to fill out surveys about their attitudes and interests. Surveys help us to understand your needs. Even if you participate in one of our surveys, you can rest assured that we will not keep any personal information about you in our databases as a result of the survey.
How We Use Your Personal Information
On this website, your personal information is only used for the specific purpose for which it was collected. (For example, it will be used to participate in a campaign and to deliver these prizes to the owners in case of winning an award.)
This information may also be used to send you information and/or offers about our products and/or services that we think may be of interest to you. We may share or forward such information to other companies and companies carefully selected by us who would like to send you information and/or offers regarding their products/services. However, you can opt out of such communication at any time (See 'contact us' below.)
We may contact you from time to time if you have agreed to be contacted or if you have been added to our mailing list when you registered. For example, we can send you marketing and campaign materials, offer our product or service you request through our website, respond to your comments or information requests,
In the e-mail section of our site, we may ask you for some personal information such as your name and phone number, and we use this information only for the purpose for which it was collected.
To improve our marketing and promotional activities, to analyze the use of the website statistically, to improve the content and features we offer, as well as to improve our marketing and promotional activities, with the personal information that you transmit to us and that we obtain during the use of the site. We may use it to deliver content that fits your interests. This tailored content may include recipes, advertisements, product information and promotions. We cannot collect your personal information automatically, but we may combine the non-personal information we obtain automatically (via cookies) with the personal information you have previously provided to us.
Sometimes we may engage third parties to process or analyze the data we collect on our website, including personal information. In addition, if you order a product or service from us, we may share your personal information with suppliers or third parties in order to ensure the delivery of the product or service in question.
Data Sharing and Transfer
We do not sell, transfer or disclose personal information we obtain through our website to third parties without your prior consent. There are three exceptions to this matter: (1) Where we believe in good faith that it is necessary to prevent crime or harm to ourselves or third parties. (2) As stated above, for third parties providing support services to use the information within the campaigns, and (3); We inform you that we may disclose your personal information if required by law, search warrant, subpoena or court order.
There may be times when we share general information about our visitors (such as the proportion of male and female visitors to our site) with advertisers, partners, sponsors and other third parties, in order to adapt or improve the content and advertisements of our site. We may extract data from blog files (related to your web browser, operating system, pages visited, etc.) to understand how users navigate the site and what are the most popular features.
Links to Other Sites
We may provide links to other sites not operated by Since different sites have different privacy policies, we recommend that you review the privacy and other policies of that site when you visit any of these sites. is not responsible for the privacy and other policies of these sites.
Choice and Control
You have full control over the personal information you submit through our site. For example, you can change your contact information or the information in your profile section at any time by sending an e-mail to the address below. Also if you wish, you can delete your registration altogether. In such a case, we will take immediate action to delete your personal information from our database. If you want to delete your registration, send an e-mail to the address given below. If you delete your registration, you also agree that you waive your right to participate in campaigns and competitions.
Children's Privacy Policy
If you are under the age of 18, please ask your parents for appropriate consent before you share your name, address, e-mail address, or any information about you with us over the Internet. does not seek to collect personally identifiable information from individuals under the age of 18 without the consent of their parents.
We do not collect personal information about children and young people under the age of 18 on our website, except where permitted by Turkish law. We may organize competitions and campaigns in some parts of our website. In such cases, it is obligatory for the participating children and young people under the age of 18 to enter their names, ages and e-mail addresses together with the name and e-mail address of their parents and give this information under their supervision. If children who participate in campaigns or contests and inform us of their age win, we will contact their parents if their contact information is given (not the child) for the delivery of the gift and to receive more personal information. We do not use the child's and parent's personal information for any other purpose other than to complete the campaign, and we do not share it with third parties (except for the service support companies mentioned above) (unless clearly stated in the notice we sent to the parents). As a result of the campaign, we will delete the child's and parent's personal information from our database within a reasonable time after the end of the campaign, unless the parent gives permission for us to keep this information in our records. cannot be held responsible for people under the age of 18 submitting information to the website without the permission of their parents or guardians.
In addition, personal information provided by children on this site is used only by and institutions that serve internal purposes such as the development of the site and the smooth running of campaigns (for example, advertising agencies) to fulfill their duties. For example; The companies that provide the development of the campaign and the companies that manage activities such as competitions and lotteries are institutions that serve such internal purposes. This personal information cannot be sold or transferred to third parties.
After children and minors under 18 have properly identified their identity, parents may access personal information obtained from their children, request deletion of information from our database, and prohibit the collection and use of information about their child if we still retain this information in our operating database. If you are also a parent/guardian and want to exercise these rights, please contact our online team as stated below.
Updates to the Privacy Policy
We may change, update or cancel parts of this privacy policy at any time without notice. Please check our site from time to time to be informed about the changes and updates on the announcements. The first page of the announcement will indicate the effective date of the announcement. No changes will be implemented to cover previous events and will not change the situation on how previously used information will be used.
Contact us
If you have any questions about our privacy policy or to express any comments, you can reach us at the address on the 'Contact Us' page or send an e-mail to We would be pleased to answer your questions and hear your views.

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