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Cold Brew Panama Geisha Anaerobic

Cold Brew Panama Geisha Anaerobic

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We drop an average of one drop of purified water per second on the beans that are roasted by CoffeeNutz, specially selected from the best suppliers in the world.

Your coffee goes through a special filtering process with the TPE patent registered (2016-07941) dripping technique specially developed by CoffeeNutz. Since bottling takes place in less than 12 hours, our durability increases organically.

You won't find CoffeeNutz's proprietary Cold Brew Coffee flavor anywhere.

Note: All our packages are sent in special bottle protector and cooler packaging.

Sustainable Environment

Contribute to a sustainable environment and glass bottle + caps Deliver to CoffeeNutzLAB Kozyatağı or CoffeeNutz Karataş ! 1 bottle full of Cold Brew Coffee is on us for 12 bottles :)

Cold Brew

CoffeeNutz makes all its cold brews in a drip method. It is preferred that the coffee be brewed more strongly, suitable for a small amount of presentation.

Recommended glass serving: 90-110 ml. + 3 Ice Cubes + Milk (optional)

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