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Peak Water®

Peak Water / Coffee Water

Peak Water / Coffee Water

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The right water for coffee may not be your favorite water to drink. In order for the coffee to be brewed at the optimum level, the necessary hardness and the substances that make up this hardness must have a certain content. In order to provide these conditions, analysis should be made according to the city network and appropriate solutions should be produced.

Not only coffee enthusiast home users but also coffee shop owners know how troubled this seemingly simple issue is, and unfortunately, very few people produce special solutions for coffee...

Use of the Product

Peak Water® provides you with the most suitable water for brewing your coffee with a very simple test for home users. You dip one of the test strips that come with the product into your tap water as described in the booklet and wait for 5 seconds, and then in 10 seconds, the number of settings you need to apply is revealed according to the color you see outside.

You fill Peak Water with tap water and in about 2-3 minutes, your 1.2L of specially treated water is ready in the lower reservoir.

In the Peak Water system, where you provide the right purified water for 120 liters of coffee with the filter that comes out, you can also get spare filters from our page.


Behind this seemingly simple technology are coffee champion Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and former earth veteran Chris Hendon. The idea was born in 2017, continued as a kickstarter project in 2018, and is now with us in 2020... We realized in our experiments that it complicates the taste of our coffee. Also the most obvious in our tests; previously felt was the absence of foreign flavors and the body became much more easily digestible.

Not to mention that it reduces the use of plastic bottles and carboys...

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