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Channeling: The name given to the fact that the water does not pass evenly all over the coffee.

This is something we especially avoid when brewing filter coffee, and unfortunately, pointed paper filters - which we love - tend to have more channeling in the bottom spikes. One reason for this is that the more or less inevitable "dust" particles in ground coffee are swept to the bottom during brewing.

This is where LilyDrip® specifically comes in. What it does is very simply; to act as a mold on your filter paper to prevent this clogging. We also witnessed (yes, we measured) increased heat stability as the geometry of the brewed coffee chunk was completely changed.

Before you get the LilyDrip experience, you can try this method with a food-safe marble, as we did, and see the results for yourself. You will easily observe an absolute increase in sweetness in your glass, and you do not need to be a born taste hero for this...

Omer Aydin

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