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Timemore Black Mirror / Sensitive Libra

Timemore Black Mirror / Sensitive Libra

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If you've provided the right coffee and water, this is the next stop. In our evaluation of the scale, we focused on aesthetics, durability, functionality and simplicity and did not take into account the ability to connect to smartphones. At the end of a long trial and evaluation, you can find the models that we use fondly and that we are sure you will be satisfied with.

Note: As with every product, we wanted to add a performance product as well as our final solution, but as a result of our meeting with the seller, they stated that they prefer to sell only from their own site. Since it is a product that we have evaluated and approved, we share the link you can access below. If you say that changing the battery is not a problem and you pay extra attention to waterproofing, you can use this affordable product with peace of mind: Mutfak-terazisi-3000-gr-01-hassasiyetli/

We don't want to be a coffee shop without scales...

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