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Comandante C40 Nitro Blade / Grinder

Comandante C40 Nitro Blade / Grinder

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Product Description

Comandante is the ultimate solution coffee fixture that looks luxurious for a hand grinder but is indispensable as you get used to it. This hand grinder's performance approaches commercial grinders at 10 times the price, and that's enough to place it in the most successful hand-grinder class on the market, but let's talk about its other capabilities:

- The material used provides a homogeneous particle distribution close to top-of-the-line commercial grinders, and no hand grinder has ever done this so well.

- Stainless steel gears reinforced with high alloy nitrogen are extremely wear resistant and more importantly; This also allowed to create the desired gear geometry.

- The gears are not only designed for homogeneous grinding, but also for the use of fresh coffee by qualified coffee makers due to the surface shapes of the grinded particles.

- The "click" system used allows you to develop a universal language, which was not possible until now. You can't even do this with commercial grinders. For example, if you grind at 26 click, this gives the same result for any Comandante. Thus, recipe sharing through grinding becomes possible for the first time in history.

- Different size particle problem from previous coffee or thickness setting inside your grinder (retention) not here. This pleases not only home users or those who want to be mobile, but also professionals who have access to the best commercial shredders. Thus, the problem of coffee wasted due to "retention" in cupping and tests ends.

Congratulations to the pioneer Comandante, who paved the way for new high-segment hand grinders that the industry actually needed long ago.

Omer Aydin

About MK4 Update

The iconic Nitro Blade is available in a new and updated version, namely the MK4! Just like the MK3, the MK4 uses the same Nitro Blade cutter set. The same flawless performance continues as there are no changes to the Nitro Blade set. In addition, the MK4 stands out with its redesigned interior and the choice of advanced polymer materials used. The upper stabilization system in the interior has a new design and higher efficiency. Thanks to its new design, the upper stabilizer system completely prevents core jamming and increases the internal capacity.

Instead of two glass bowls, the MK4 comes with a glass bowl and a polymer glass bowl. Using highly advanced materials, the new polymer chambers are much lighter, diamond-clear and have very clean lines. It is also much lighter and unbreakable. New polymer chambers make your Comandante much more durable and much lighter!

Apart from these two major updates, the MK4 Comandante continues the MK3's tradition of flawless grinding. There is no change in the body design, cutter set, adjustment mechanism, handle and cover system.

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