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Workshop Reservation

Workshop Reservation

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Workshop Topic
Workshop Location - History

About the Workshop

Since 2013 we have held various and numerous workshops.

We took a break, but we started this series of events again (see. images from the first )

You can find examples of the workshop topics we have covered below.

  • Tasting and Music Workshop; We will taste the delicious coffees according to the SCA Protocol, and we will both learn something and bring the soul to our souls with live music.
  • Home Brewing Workshop; You will be surprised that brewing good coffee at home is easier than you think, and of course you will get answers to all your related questions.
  • Climate Change and Coffee; We will enjoy sharing this presentation with you, which attracted great attention at the Coffex and Izmir Coffee Festivals.
  • We Talk About Jonathan Gagné's Latest Book; geeks here... We are not looking for a requirement to have read the book beforehand, we welcome everyone from those who have read and have a question to those who have no idea beforehand, but who are interested in the content of the book by fiddling with it. Since we don't have many copies for now, here is the link for those who want to get the book in advance: The Physics of Filter Coffee
  • Make Mandala Sip Your Coffee; Those who have studies on Mandala and received their education in Nepal. @izasmandalas You will find peace in the smell of mandala and coffee in the Mandala Workshop, which will be given by
  • We Roast Together!; We will copy and paste the "CoffeeNutz Production Days" series we made in 2014. For an idea, you can watch this video: CoffeeNutz Production Days!
  • Let's Reduce Our Carbon Footprint While Drinking Coffee; so that the value of the legacy we leave to the future will increase!
  • Tips for Cold Brew Coffee at Home: Good for all of us as we approach summer!

We will be very happy to see you among us!

Workshop Conditions

Event Duration: 2 hours

Date: Saturday - the exact date will be communicated to the participant after registration.

Other conditions: In normal practice, no preliminary preparation is required, but if there is an additional benefit (eg bringing a brewing apparatus), the participant will be contacted in advance.

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