Vietnam Kahvesi

Vietnamese Coffee

Lauren Cook from The Back Beat magazine conveyed her experiences on a trip to Vietnam as a foreigner but as a good observer... It is a study that was handled without getting too technical and without the view of a coffee expert, but what our friends who went to Vietnam told, the coffee beans they brought, the Vietnamese We were confused enough by what we saw at the stands opened by coffee shops at festivals... It seems that there is a coffee here that has emerged as a result of certain customs and options, blended with living conditions (however else...) a coffee with...

It is not our place to criticize, we read...

'In Vietnam, the coffee culture is as deep and rich as anything else. In the old brick pavement decorated with Art Deco decorations and in the old colonial shops, an old man looks around on his small stool morning and evening. They sip their small iced coffees, as they say, in cafe sua.'

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