OZO Coffee On The Road: Farklı bir yol hikayesi

OZO Coffee On The Road: A different road story

We have been acquainted with Ozo Coffee since its place in Karaköy and Önder, the owner of the place, who is one of the important representatives of DIY (do-it-yourself) culture in Turkey, has been impressing us since we first met.

Önder was the designer/carpenter/engineer of many objects in the space, and he designed and executed the whole concept himself in the space he moved from Karaköy to Kadıköy. That was ambitious enough in our opinion, but since it was in his nature to ask what to do more original, we've been seeing him on the road - in this orange vosvos coffee cart - since last year.

The interior of the vehicle is very successful in ergonomics and originality, it looks small from the outside, but even the customer can be accommodated inside... Espresso device, grinders, aeropress, siphon, v60, Chemex, there is no shortage, full-fledged... Önder is also a painter and his aesthetic perception comes from it. -It is possible to see in design harmony and all other details. Apart from events, festivals and festivities, Ozo Coffee On The Road, which we can see in a fixed area soon, plants a tree for the pulp of each coffee brewed and makes it experience by forming working groups with its customers. In this way, hundreds of trees have been planted so far...

Be prepared with espresso and filter coffee, and who knows, maybe with Nitro - Ozo can be found anywhere...

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