Money is voting—so stop buying shitty coffee.

Money is voting—so stop buying shitty coffee.

"Has Coffee In San Francisco Reached Oversaturation?" Sprudge asked for San Francisco, then replied...

“If coffee shops continue to open at this rate, there may be a serious decline in quality and originality in the San Francisco coffee scene, which may lead to a structuring like a chain with branches on every corner or a 'quality coffee shop chain'.”

In fact, San Francisco is the center of many familiar coffee shops that have led and continue to lead the quality coffee movement. Blue Bottle and Four Barrel are among the coffee shops known to its enthusiasts in Turkey, and although the city seems incomparable with San Francisco, Istanbul (and its next extensions Ankara and Izmir), we wanted to think first when this was the title. Because our experiences abroad always show us that the vitality of coffee in Turkey is at a level that can compete with the examples in the world... Even though the pre-specialty period for us consists of Starbucks, the events that have happened especially in the last 2 years seem to give the news of the future...

When we observe Kadıköy-Moda coffee shops as customers, as suppliers of coffee to some places, and with our other friends who also own the place, we realize that the customer's interest in coffee is still in the greening stage, but it is not at a very high level. The source of this more than expected demand seems to be “making an environment”, “social prestige”, “socializing”. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, and it is gratifying that we contribute in some way, but I wonder if some places here keep things at a "visual" level by following the principles of fast-food, while others that look like "minority" feel they are "appetizers"? It would be an understatement to think that this second group of entrepreneurs and even their employees will provide the satisfaction they expect with the inference that "they are also winning but...".

The similarities with San Francisco seem to have resulted in our search for a solution, because our message to the customer was always the same: Choose good coffee, the balances will settle... Vizcanio from Chapel Hill Coffee Company said: “Money is voting—so stop buying shitty coffee.” - Amen :)

Anyway, just in case, we don't think we should make the bull too angry :)

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