İçindekiler: %100 Nitelikli Kahve Çekirdeği

Ingredients: 100% Quality Coffee Beans

Coffee is the most traded commodity in the world, and what we know about it is actually quite limited. Considering these, we can understand why robusta cannot and should not be abandoned until now.

Robusta or coffee canephora , which has a serious taste difference compared to Arabica type beans, provides its use outside the pharmaceutical sector with its ability to maintain its freshness for a long time compared to arabica and with a significant cost advantage. Although the flavor profile has quite negative features compared to arabica, there are studies that argue that even more character can be obtained from arabica if the cost advantage part is waived and care is taken (Gabe Shoet: Fairness and E-Quality).

Again, SCAE's sister organization CQI (Coffee Quality Institute) has taken an important step towards increasing robusta quality with the R-Grade program it has opened for robusta in the past period.

Of course, it will not be enough just to look at the quality aspect of the event, in fact, if the results we will encounter when the care shown for arabica, which we have glorified against robusta for decades, is shown to robusta, we will have to admit that we have made a kind of 'misunderstanding' and 'misdirection'. Well, we will have to say that the only thing that is 'poor quality' is the processes... We will witness again that we should not be too assertive and precise when talking about coffee... (Yes, this last part may be a bit exaggerated)

In such a case, even the legal part in the packages may need to be changed. Instead of saying "Contains 100% Arabica Coffee Beans", "100% Quality Coffee Beans" can be written. Actually, I wish we could write like this in advance, but how will it be detected / controlled then? Or will there be such a need? So do we see?

Maybe that's for another post...

Photo: Cafe Imports

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