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Beyond My Taste

Professional tasters need an environment that is closed to light, sound and smell from outside, that is, to noise, in the place where they will taste. The most important reason for this is that taste is not just a neuro-chemical process.

In the olfactory process, which constitutes a large part of the taste and taste, for example, the reason why the light is dim and neon lies in the fact that no decision is made based on the appearance / color of the coffee in the glass because we may have a tendency to define a 'bitter' coffee for a coffee that we see as darker roasted, but again, if we go from this example, something else is also possible. There are: The whiteness of the glass and the contrast it creates with the coffee inside may also create a perception of 'bitter' than the coffee we drink with a red glass. Just like we think a loud potato chip tastes better than a less noisy one.

Charles Spence from Oxford researched, wrote kickinghorsecoffee...

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