CoffeeNutz Ahalisi Neler Yapıyor?

What Are The CoffeeNutz People Doing?


I think it would not be an exaggeration to say that 10 months have passed since my last article and we are witnessing the beginning of a 'coffee revolution' in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. There are many cafes opened in the style of the new school or 3rd Wave Coffee Shop. This period, in which we can see examples at every level in terms of competence, financial power and innovation / creativity, actually seems like an awakening. The Istanbul Coffee Festival, which will be held for the first time on December 25, 2014, and similar organizations will also have an important role in this awakening. It is pleasing that a new kind of 'coffee' understanding is now being mentioned in the mainstream media (despite some false references) because these are the important stages of transitioning from the old to the new and raising awareness...

So what did we do in the meantime?

In fact, our core diversity is one of the first to be mentioned due to the importance of the subject. At first, we did not concentrate on this, as we knew that the 'adequate' quality beans would exceed the market quality in the roasting stage with intense R&D and care. Later, on the way to increase the variety, we left some cores and turned to more performance cores, and those who follow the site have noticed that sometimes new products are added / removed. Unfortunately, when a certain harvest is exhausted, we label some products as 'Sold Out' or remove the product from the list if the next harvest is too far ahead or if that field will not be worked on again, but this is always an advantage for the end user. Here, the job falls to the roaster who chooses the beans, that is, if the samples (sample) we have received for the upcoming period are not promising, we have to decide not to continue with that product, and I should mention that we receive continuous feedback from our customers on this subject... This variety will continue to improve and on the one hand. we always intend to continue in some cores that we provide stability, this will remain as an indispensable option especially in the wholesale channel, that is, in the products we supply to cafes and workplaces.

Another innovation for the last period was that we started selling green beans for home roasters. In fact, we should have fed the home roaster, which we have supported in terms of training or guidance from the beginning, with the supply of raw materials as well as the roasting device we sell on the site, and this is what happened... (See Green Kernel Page )

In the meantime, let me talk about a wonderful development arising from the effort of how to deliver the bottles of Cold Drips we sell online to the customer without breaking them. Our Wooden Crates! This new packaging, which was born out of necessity, later turned into a wonderful box that stores our green beans and freshly roasted coffee, with the thought of being biodegradable. You may have thought of the question of how we deal with this cost item (many people ask) yes, we have increased the price of internet products for this reason, but who knows, our solution was to produce boxes, since the cost of wood of this quality would be more than coffee! We can't thank our master who made the cuts, but the assembly of all the pieces, the construction of the lid, the sanding of the wood and the printing of the stamps belong entirely to CoffeeNutz! All the one-way valve special coffee bags in wood have been renewed accordingly and are also stamped by us. Although we sometimes make our visitors do this, but...:) (see CoffeeNutz Production Days - 1 )

Let me move on to my closing paragraph by stating that I am extremely proud of these developments. As a manufacturer, we always intend to stay on the production side and go down to more resources. In this context, gaining more competence in the main items we use is one of the most important values ​​of our initiative.

I said the last paragraph, but it would not be possible not to mention the two fairs we will attend:) The first one is the 'Sirha' Food Fair, which will be held in Harbiye Congress Center on 27-29 November 2014. The 'coffee street' created here will create a nice meeting with the audience we want to address, especially in the wholesale channel. The second is the 'Istanbul Coffee Festival', which I mentioned in this article and will be held at Karaköy Greek School on 25-28 December 2014. It is already exciting to meet all amateur and pro coffee lovers here, too. We are waiting for everyone, don't forget to look right at the entrance ;)


Omer Aydin

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