CoffeeNutz® is now online after Kozyatağı CoffeeNutz LAB!

3rd Wave, Specialty, Gourmet Coffee or whatever name you see fit; We think that coffee is a very special value. CoffeeNutz was created to share this. To share and continue living with/with more coffee.

'Coffee' is in and near our lives, we like it, we don't like it, we speculate, but we are strangers at the same time. Roasted coffee beans; It is much more complex than wine or any other complicated food product, and every single process in the production of coffee, from its picking to the glass, has a significant impact on the output. We, as CoffeeNutz®, think that the roasting process of coffee is perhaps the most important factor in this chain, and we maintain the most important part of our knowledge, experience and research here. We truly believe that the 'best' glass has not been drunk, brewed, roasted, maybe not even planted yet... But at some point in time, it is waiting for us and we will find it!

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